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In Ground Basketball Hoops - What You Need to Know

What is an In Ground Basketball Goal?

In ground basketball systems are typically the most stable and secure type of basketball system. They are installed by cementing the pole straight into the ground, or through the assistance of a ground sleeve or bolt plate. Typically, models that are under a thousand dollars are direct bury or ground sleeve models, while models that are over a thousand dollars use bolt plates.

What is Involved in Assembly and Installation?

The assembly of an in ground basketball goal is a little more involved than that of a portable or wall mounted unit. Typically, it takes a few hours to assemble the hoop itself, a another hour or two to mix and pour the concrete, and you have to then wait two or three days until the concrete cures.


The primary benefit of an in ground basketball hoop is that it is very stable. You typically see the largest poles and thickest backboards on permanent hoops, because the cement installation alloys them to prop up a lot more weight. If you are able to purchase an in ground system and have the means to assemble and install it, these kinds of basketball systems should always be your first choice.


The primary disadvantage of in ground basketball goals is that they take a great amount of time and effort to install. And while you may not need to purchase any additional items to install a portable unit, a permanent basketball system requires you also buy a few bags of concrete. Installation may also require you to hire the services of a basketball hoop installer, which will add to the total cost.

Who Makes Them?

Spalding and Lifetime are the two primary competitors for lower end basketball hoops. If your budget for your basketball system is under five hundred dollars, you should probably look at these two brands first.

If your budget is over a thousand dollars, the two major brands you should probably look at are Goalrilla and Mammoth. They offer better backboards, thicker poles, and overall more stable systems.

If your budget is over two thousand dollars, the two brands you should look at are First Team basketball hoops and Pro Dunk basketball hoops. They feature extensive warranties, and the construction of their systems is top of the line.

By Logan Strain

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