Friday, November 21, 2008

Making A Basketball Pass - 17 Tips For Success!

Undoubtedly one of the most important aspects of basketball is passing. In order for a team to move the ball effectively they must be efficient at basketball passing.

Passing is used in almost every part of the game. Let's think about it for a minute. The offensive team uses the pass to advance the ball down-court on the fast break. They also use the pass to move the basketball around in their half-court offense. Various passes are used depending on where and who the ball is being thrown to.

Rebounders use various basketball passes to throw to an outlet player - which is the initial step of initiating the fast-break. Offensive players must use a variety of passes when executing an inbound pass.

It's easy to see how important the pass is to the offensive players on the court. Every player must be able to pass the basketball effectively and efficiently in order to help their team succeed. In order to do this, they must have strong fundamentals and techniques. They must also practice a basketball drills that work on a variety of passes as well as passing situations.

As players practice their basketball passing and as they use the basketball pass during their games, there are certain tips they must be aware of and keep in mind. These are the passing dos and don'ts. Every player must realize the importance these dos and don'ts have on their effectiveness as a passer. The players that are able to implement or eliminate these tips will become extremely successful at basketball passing!

The Dos Of The Basketball Pass:

1. Do make the easy pass.

2. Do hit the open player.

3. Do use fakes before making the pass.

4. Do use an air pass on the fast break - not the bounce pass.

5. Do use the dribble to create better passing lanes.

6. Do pass to the low post from below the foul line.

7. Do use a bounce pass to feed the post.

8. Do follow through on every pass - don't let them float.

9. Do pass with two hands. One handed passes are harder to receive.

10. Do pass away from the defender.

11. Do face the basketball to improve your vision of the court.

The Don'ts Of The Basketball Pass:

1. Don't throw to a teammate’s voice.

2. Don't jump in the air to make a pass.

3. Don't pass to a teammate who is in trouble.

4. Don't make a pass to a teammate that will get them into trouble.

5. Don't make a pass from the middle of the court - pick a side and then pass.

6. Don't overpass the ball.

By Joe Waters

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