Saturday, November 22, 2008

Beginner Girls Basketball Tips

Girl's basketball is extremely competitive now. It is no longer just a recreational sport. Now you have the WNBA in the United States. Going overseas is not the only option. Women's college basketball is just as popular as men's college basketball, which means college scholarships are on the line.

Here are a few tips to start your career on the right track.

Keep it Fun!!!

Just because WNBA and college basketball is mentioned, keep it fun. As your daughter begin her basketball career, remember that she is just a kid having fun. She has no idea what a WNBA or college is. She just wants to bounce a basketball and have fun.

Learn the Game and fundamentals!!!

As your daughter advance in her basketball career, put her in a situation where she is learning the game and fundamentals, not just on a team. Purchasing basketball videos and books, attending camps, and hiring a trainer are excellent resources for learning the game and gaining an advantage over other players.

Don't forget Academics!!!

Remember that Student comes before the word Athlete in Student-Athlete. Making good grades is always important, especially when it comes to qualifying for college scholarships.

Educate yourself about college recruiting!!!

Women's college basketball recruiting is extremely aggressive. Learn the rules.

Educate yourself about college requirements!!!

There has been a lot of media attention lately about athletes not qualifying to get admitted into universities. Begin to educate yourself early, not during the senior and junior year of high school, about qualifications to enter colleges and universities.

By Patosha Jeffery

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