Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Three Main Kinds of Basketball Goals

The very first decision that you will have to make before you purchase a basketball hoop is which one of the three primary types of basketball systems you will purchase.

In Ground System - Perhaps the most common and the most popular kind of basketball goal is the in ground system. This system is designed to cement straight into the ground, and as a result it is the most stable and provides the best rebound.

In ground basketball hoops are essentially permanent, so you have to make certain that you are comfortable with where you wan to put your hoop before you install it. It is also a good idea to check your homeowner's association's regulations regarding basketball hoops before you purchase an in ground unit.

Portable Basketball Hoop - With portable basketball hoops, the system is stabilized by a large plastic base that you fill up with sand or water. Portable basketball goals are perfect for areas where you are only able to play basketball outside a few months out of the year. When it gets to chilly, you can just roll the hoop into storage.

They also work well for when your homeowner's association regulations prohibit the installation of in ground basketball hoops.

When purchasing a portable basketball hoop, you should try to find a unit with the largest capacity base that you can find. The larger your base, the more stable your system is, and better rebound you will experience.

If you live in part of the country where temperatures can drop to below zero, it is important to remember to fill your portable basketball hoop base with sand instead of water. Water will expand when frozen, so it carries the risk of potentially cracking your base on chilly evenings. If you choose to use water, make sure to include some antifreeze in the base to prevent the water from freezing.

Wall Mounted Basketball Systems - If you don't want your basketball system to take up any room in your driveway, your best choice will probably be a wall mounted basketball goal. These systems don't require a pole or a base at all.

They just attach directly to your wall or roof with a bracket. On higher end wall mounted basketball hoops, the bracket is typically included with the system. However, on cheaper models, such as those that cost less than three hundred dollars, you typically have the purchase the basketball bracket separately.

Once you settle on what kind of basketball system you want, the next thing you have to decide is what kind of backboard material best suits your needs and budget.

By Logan Strain

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