Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Basketball Dribbling - 10 Keys To Success!

Basketball Dribbling is probably one of the most popular skills of the game - second only to shooting. Players at every level of competition love to dribble the basketball! There's something about having that basketball in your hands that just feels magical!

Most players and coaches spend a good portion of their practice time working on various basketball dribbling skills and drills. In order for players to become effective and efficient at dribbling the basketball they must continually improve their techniques and fundamentals. Players that are dedicated to improving this critical aspect of the game - those willing to put in the time and effort needed to succeed - will turn into incredibly effective dribblers. They will become virtually unstoppable with the basketball.

Being effective at basketball dribbling not only helps improve all other aspects of a player's game - but also helps make the players around them better. As players work toward becoming better at dribbling the basketball there are certain keys elements they must be aware of and keep in mind at all times.

Here are the 10 keys to basketball dribbling success:

1. Players must stay low when they are dribbling.

2. Players must keep their head up while dribbling.

3. Players must attack their defender - not avoid them.

4. Players must dribble with a purpose - avoid wasted movement.

5. Players must constantly work to improve their weak hand.

6. Players must protect the basketball with their body and off hand.

7. Players must work on change of pace and change of speed dribbles in order to keep the defender off balance.

8. Players must be able to change direction with their dribble to keep the defender off balance.

9. Once a player beats their defender they must: Keep their dribble out in front of them, Keep their defender behind them and, Close the gap between them.

10. Players must work constantly at improving their dribbling techniques and mechanics.

By Joe Waters

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