Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Basketball Party - Make Your Party a Slam Dunk!

Whether you are celebrating a winning season, team spirit, or school pride, you can make your party a slam dunk with a basketball party of your own. If you can have your party in an outdoor basketball court or a gym, that is the perfect place, but you can really have a basketball party anywhere. If your child is playing in a Sunday basketball league or is a member of a basketball league, the most important lesson they will learn is the importance of being a member of a team.

Foster this important lesson by preparing for a year end basketball party. During the year, conduct fundraisers by having car washes, selling pennants, or refreshments or having bake sales. When the season ends, the players have one final outing to say goodbye to team members and wrap up the season.

Have team members wear their uniforms one last time, or at least have Team shirts or hats available for the team members. Have someone there to paint team mascots on everyone (example: Paw prints on cheeks) or order temporary tattoo transfers so everyone can join in the team spirit!

Consider having a cookout, if you are able to have the party outdoors. Order pizza or subs, and have an awards ceremony where each player gets a prize. Let the players vote for certain categories, and let the parents vote for others, being sure everyone gets to be a winner. Make certificates or ribbons for the winners, and enlist the aid of the other parents to be sure there are activities and supervision available so that everyone gets to enjoy the year end basketball party!

By Gail Leino

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