Thursday, September 18, 2008

Basketball Drills for Free

Basketball is a great game to play. It’s played with 5 players on each side and requires players to run up and down the court and to constantly switch from playing offense to playing defense. While playing offense and defense there are a variety of tasks players have to do and do well if they hope to have any success. That’s why it’s important for players to perform basketball drills during practice.

Basketball drills help players develop and polish their skills in specific areas. For example, one drill may help a player learn to pass the ball better while another drill might help a player learn how to play man-to-man defense better. There are countless basketball drills that can be done by players. Coaches can get many of these basketball drills for free.

While there are books that outline many drills, coaches can also get basketball drills for free. Most of the free basketball drills can be gotten over the internet. The internet offers all different types of drills and includes the instructions that are needed to actually run the drill in practice.

One of the best things about the basketball drills for free that are offered over the internet is the fact that there are drills for all ages and abilities. For example, there are drills that teach a player how to dribble the ball (great for beginners) and there are drills that involve complicated drills that teach passing, dribbling, and moving without the ball (best for more experienced players).

The basketball drills for free on the internet are often broken down into categories by what skill they work on. So basketball drills will be divided into categories such as dribbling, passing, and playing defense.

One of the free passing basketball drills that can be found involves the team forming a circle. The players will practice chest passes. All the players will form a large circle and have one player in the middle. One player who’s part of the circle will pass to the middle player and then follow his pass (he’ll run toward the middle to become the next receiver and passer). Then the middle player will pass to the player to the right of the player who just passed the ball to the middle. That middle player will then drop into the space in the circle that the other player just left.

By Pat Anderson

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