Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Secret to Improve Girls Basketball Skills

I watched a youtube video of Mike Conley, Memphis Grizzlies point guard, going through some basketball dribbling drills. This young man has some great dribbling skills.

He is dribbling the basketball in front of his body, to the side of his body, between his legs, around the back, using both hands at the same time. He can handle the basketball just as effectively with his left hand as his right hand. You can tell that he has been working on his skills for a long period of time because of how confident he looks.

In his message about the video, he describes that the video is just the beginning of his workout routine he performs EVERYDAY of the summer. The video was just the warm up. It was a very intense warm up.

How does this relate to improving girls basketball skills? Mike Conley said that the video was a part of his everyday summer workout routine. Mike Conley knows the key to improving his game and reaching his goals. He did something everyday. To improve your skills do something everyday. Or do something consistently.

I was known as a great shooter. But how did I become a great shooter? I did what Mike Conley said he did during the summer. I was consistently working on my shooting. I would practice my free throws. I would practice my 3 point shots. I would practice shooting from the corners.

By Patosha Jeffery

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