Friday, October 31, 2008

How to Choose Basketball Shoes

Shoes are an important part of your basketball game. Without comfortable shoes you will soon lose focus on the game and be worrying more about your aching feet. You have to get the best shoes for your playing style and your feet so that you can focus on the game and not them.

You want shoes that work with your playing style so that you can move about freely on the court. The worst thing is having shoes that hinder your game play and do not allow you to move around as you want.

There are many factors you want to consider when you are choosing basketball shoes. Here is a list of things to consider so that you can get the best shoes for your feet and your game:

- Comfort. Comfort can be explained by choosing something that feels good on your feet. You want the size to be right and you want to choose a width that is not going to constrict your feet. Keep in mind that when you are playing your feet will expand slightly due to the heat.

- Movement. You want shoes that let you move. You should try making a few of your common basketball moves with the shoes on to see if they restrict you in anyway. You do not want any rubbing on your foot because that means the shoe is restricting your movement. You should look at both high tops and lower topped shoes.

- Durability. You want a pair of shoes that are going to last. You want something that will stand up to all the movement and the work it will get on the court. Choose good materials and good constructed shoes.

- Support. Ankle injuries are prominent nit he game of basketball. You want a shoe that will offer you good ankle support. You have to find a balance here, though, between support and movement.

- Flexibility. You want shoes that will move with you and allow your feet to move naturally. The last thing you want is a shoe that is stiff and hard.

- Lightweight. You definitely do not want a shoe that will weigh you down. You want light shoes that will allow you to move and jump without feeling as if you are carrying around ten pounds on your feet.

- Sturdy sole. The sole of the shoe has to be able to handle all the jumping and moving. It should be thick enough to absorb some shock from the jumps. It also needs to be able to keep you from slipping all over the court.

Choosing a good basketball shoe can be something that will take you a few tries. You will not likely go with the first shoe you try. You have to be discriminating if you want a shoe that will compliment your game.

The bottom line is your should stand out, not your shoes. You want a shoe that will help your game at best and just not hinder your game at least. Your shoes are an important factor in just how well you play the game.

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