Sunday, August 31, 2008

2 Girl's Basketball Camp Tips

In reality, basketball season does not end after tournament time. There are actually 3 seasons of basketball, pre-season, the-season and post-season. Post-season is used to work on individual skills and development. Pre-season is used to work on team conditioning and development. And the infamous "the-season" is the time to show off what you have done during the post-season and pre-season. Girls basketball camps are generally held during the post-season and to get the most out of attending camps follow these tips.

Be serious and Pay attention

Playing basketball is fun. Being at a basketball camp with friends and teammates, along with meeting new people, is an awesome experience. However, attending a basketball camp is also a learning experience. If you want to elevate your game, take attending a girls basketball camp seriously. Pay attention to the little nuggets and information that you receive at the camp. There may be one small thing that you learn that can be the difference from you being a starter compared to a role player. It can be the different from you averaging single digits to double digits in scoring. It can be different from you getting off the bench.

Build relationships with staff and players.

Depending on the type of basketball camp that you attend use it to network and build relationships. If you are attending a college basketball camp, the camp is located on the college campus and it will feature the coaching staff and players of the school. This is a great opportunity to experience being on a college campus and playing in their facility or gym.

It's also an opportunity to hang out with college coaches and players. Feel free to ask them questions about your game, college life and college basketball. You will not get a better change to actually be face-to-face with a college coach or player than at their camp. Take advantage of it. You never know if that coach or player will be a future coach of yours.

I always like to stress that basketball should be fun first. However, the more you continue to play and grow as a player, the more serious and competitive it becomes. Use basketball camps wisely to develop as a player and to also build relationships.

By Patosha Jeffery

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